Where the effectivity and impact is missing, our services are most at home.. What sets us apart is that we don’t base our solutions solely on data or number. We go a step beyond: we provide and implement our solutions based on the metha-physical approach and dynamism of people alike.

O∑ Option Sigma reflects the new generation of personal and corporate development by offering unconventional Mental Supremacy® way of enabling our clients to achieve a new and greater dimension of understanding. 


Dear clients & partners

You are probably reading this through recommendation, word – of – mouth or we have spoken to you. As you read through you will not find specific detailed information because the essential is mentioned through our projects we use to communicate with you. However, I wish you to enjoy your read, get the feeling for what we are and what we do. I am looking forward to meeting You.

Yours faithfully,

Radim Valigura
Managing Partner